Our primary mission is to develop leadership knowledge, tools and techniques relevant to Nigeria cum Development Nations and systematically infuse leadership competence and capabilities in strategic leaders and strategic managers that are charged with the conduct of leadership responsibilities. We shall propel our aspiration and visions by imparting leadership education, skills, competences and capabilities that are relevant to Nigeria and Developing Nations of today and tomorrow, through course of instruction, initiating, facilitating and conducting research and studies and, inculcating skills and competences necessary for developing proper (good and strong) leadership in Developing nations.

Specifically our strategic intent is the development of future presidents, governors, ministers, commissioners, permanent secretaries, directors, in the public sectors and chairman, CEO’s and Directors in the private sector for the challenges of strategic leadership required to drive Nigeria synergycally towards the greatness of the nation by 2050 and leaders nation in due course.

Where do most people go to learn leadership? The answer to that question today is that they search many places. Some examine the world of politics others seek models in the entertainment industry. Many look to the world of business. Most people seem to look to successful CEOs, management consultants and theoreticians with Ph.D.s to learn about leadership.

But the truth is, the best source of leadership teaching today is the same as it has been for thousands of years. If you want to learn leadership, go to the greatest Book on leadership ever written – the Bible.
You are holding in your hands a tool that has potentials to change your life and the course of your development as a spiritual leader. It is a Bible that draws out the leadership principle that have been woven into it by the One who invented leadership. Who could possibly teach us more about leadership than God Himself?
With so many different Bibles to choose from on the shelves of bookstores today, why would anyone take the time and energy to create a Leadership Bible?